What is Fitwel?

Fitwel is a building certification system that takes an integrated approach to how design and operations of a building can improve occupant health and productivity. All the design and operations strategies within Fitwel are evidence-based, practical solutions that impact occupants’ and residents’ daily routines to promote physical, mental, and social health. Fitwel launched for public use in March 2017, receiving substantial market demand after just one year.

Fitwel assesses physical features of the building as well as the organisation’s policies and procedures. There is a simple 3-star rating system with no pre-requisites meaning all strategies are voluntary. Certification is a low-cost scheme based upon location, internal and external facilities.


Building owners and managers are increasingly taking note of the growing body of research which confirms that the pressures of work and long hours spent indoors can cause significant detriment to our health. In fact, we spend on average 90% of our time indoors. This makes the design and construction of spaces that actively improve the wellbeing of those living and working inside even more important. Real estate can therefore become a powerful marketing and PR tool to attract and retain high calibre tenants.

Investing in an effective wellbeing strategy, tailored to a business’s specific needs has been shown to improve employee health and happiness, increase productivity, boost creativity and problem-solving skills, reduce staff turnover and build a satisfied, more engaged workforce.

Fitwel is run by the Center for Active Design (CfAD) which has a vision for a healthier future where every building is enhanced to support the wellbeing of its occupants and support healthy communities.

CfAD is an independent non-profit organization, working globally to advance its mission, which is to transform design and development practice to support health, and optimal quality of life.

It is based upon promoting evidence-based design strategies that support all aspects of mental, social, and physical health.